Rental terms and conditions

1. Subject
Emotion Bike offers bicycle rental and accompanying services for cycling activities.

2. Booking and payment.
The price of the excursion ensues from a special price list or from an offer also communicated via internet. The reservation is considered completed following the payment of 100% of the price of the excursion. The price of the excursion may vary depending on the rental period booked by the customer. If due to force majeure or for reasons beyond the control of the will of the organizer (such as weather conditions, inability for any reason to follow the indicated route – as in case of roadworks etc.- etc.), it is not possible to carry out the tour and / or perform the accompaniment, it is up to Emotion Bike to cancel the tour or proposing an equivalent alternative without there being any change to the established fee. In this case the Customer will be informed in time and before departure.

3. Refund.
No refund will be given to the Customer who does not show up at the place of departure at the appointed time.
No refund will be due to the Client who renounces the completion of the entire excursion for reasons attributable to him.
In the event of non-completion, the Customer undertakes to follow the directives communicated to him by the tour escort such as, for example: meeting place and / or waiting area.
The Organizer reserves the right to cancel any tour that does not reach the minimum number of participants scheduled for that excursion or from the site. If the organizer cancels a tour, the customer can choose between an alternative tour or a refund.
The Customer cannot request any compensation in the event of cancellation due to failure to reach the minimum number of participants.

  1. Obligations and responsibilities.
    The Customer, with the subscription, declares to be in good health and to be physically able to participate

to the chosen excursion. The use of the bicycle, normal or electric, presupposes: the physical fitness of the Customer; possession of adequate technical expertise in conducting the vehicle as well as knowledge and compliance with the road standards. Therefore, the Client renting the bicycle and participating in the Bike-tour declares to be equipped with adequate capacity and appropriate competence, without placing any reservations. Participation in the Bike-tour and use of the bicycle, normal or electric, provided by Emotion Bike is reserved for adults. Minors can participate if accompanied by a parent, or guardian, who assumes the relative responsibilities in writing. The parent, or guardian, declares, under his own exclusive responsibility, that the child is physically and mentally capable of driving the vehicle assuming all responsibility for damage to persons or things that the child can cause for driving the vehicle.

5. Development of the Bike tour.
The Emotion Bike tours are held on routes open to the public, therefore the Customer must respect all the rules of the traffic legislation that with the signing of this contract declares to know. The Client accepts all the rules of the organization, the planning, execution of the tour and undertakes to arrive at the meeting place and participate with clothing and equipment suitable both for the sport activity chosen and for the season, participating in the activities in agreement and under the direction of the tour escort. Participation in the Bike tours organized by Emotion Bike puts safety firsthand in order to reduce the inherent risks and resulting from the cycling activity. The rented bicycle must be used exclusively as a means of transport, with good sense and diligence and respect for all rules. There are, therefore and by way of example, strictly prohibited: competitions, reckless maneuvers and performances of any kind. The customer undertakes to travel according to and following the instructions provided by the escort as well as in compliance with the Highway Code. The Customer participates in Emotion Bike tours at his own risk and danger. Emotion Bike cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for accidents resulting from the imprudence of a participant nor for damage to persons and / or things. Emotion Bike reserves the right, in the event that particular circumstances arise which they can put the safety of the group at risk, to modify the itinerary or some of the services included in the program.
Any fact, damage or injury to things and / or persons resulting from the circulation and use of the bicycle is attributable to the Customer / Driver only and nothing can be claimed against Emotion Bike. Emotion Bike cannot be held in any way liable for damages caused by third parties or for the loss of valuables, luggage or objects during cycling.

6. Take over.
Customer and Emotion Bike, upon delivery of the bicycle, will verify the state of its functionality. Taking on delivery the bicycle, normal or electric, the Customer recognizes it mechanically efficient and declares to have it controlled in advance. The Customer is henceforth obliged to pay for any breakages, damages, partial or total thefts found on the time to return the bicycle, as shown in the table below.
The insurance is provided for the civil liability deriving from the Insured, from Generali Italia S.p.A. policy n. 380 504 862.
For damage to property there is a deductible of € 100.00 charged to the customer.

7. Privacy.
Pursuant to Article 13 of Legislative Decree n. 196 of 06/30/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions, the data provided by customers to the operator will be processed on computer and / or paper for the sole purpose of providing the service.
Sensitive data will not be transferred to third parties.

8. Jurisdiction.
Any dispute arising from this contract, or related to it, will be exclusively dealt with by the Court of Rimini.

Tables and Price List for breakages, losses or theft.

Rear gearbox €100.00

Stand / Luggage rack €30.00

Front fork €250.00

Saddle / Pedals / Lights (each) €30.00

Battery €900.00

Wheel rim € 100.00

Handlebar €50.00

Shift / Brakes Control (each) €50.00

Helmet €30.00

Theft command display €200.00

Battery charger €120.00

Padlock €60.00

Partial guarantee of the electric bicycle € 1,200.00

Theft of the electric bicycle € 2400.00

Publishing of photos and videos

The undersigned authorizes, free of charge, without time limits, also pursuant to the articles 10 and 320 of the Civil Code and the articles 96 and 97 law 22.4.1941, n. 633, Copyright Law, to the publication and / or distribution in any form of its own images on the website of the Company / Body EMOTION BIKE s.r.l.s. Via Castellaccio, 20F, Rimini, on printed paper and / or on any other mean of communication, as well as authorizing the preservation of the photos and videos themselves in the computer archives of the Company / Body and acknowledges that the purpose of these publications is merely informative and promotional.